1.5 How do I use Snapchat?

With this free Snapchat guide we are trying to help you get the most out of Snapchat. If you don’t know yet what Snapchat exactly is, you should start reading here. If you already know what Snapchat is, or even already have it installed on your device, we are going to lead you through the various options and functionalities Snapchat offers.

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You probably landed on this page because you are interested in how you could use Snapchat. As Snapchat offers so much functionalities, there is the necessity for a guide which includes (almost) all the functionalities, tips and tricks and more. Powered by Influent, we created Snapfluent: the world’s biggest Snapchat guide! We are very proud to present this free guide to you, which is fully available on this website. Free? Yes, fully free. You can access all the pages of this website, except the ones which are under construction. With Snapchat expanding their functionalities in terms of updates, our guide has to be updated from time to time. Please enjoy and enrich yourself with the information we offer!

Short introduction

First of all, we will give you a short introduction on how to use Snapchat! We will give you a list of links where you could continue your journey in discovering the world of Snapchat! Snapchat is currently one of the most popular social media in the world. There are lot of people who are interacting on a daily basis through Snapchat and you probably want to join this interaction, because others are already on it.

Snapchat is about sending and receiving Snaps: photos and/or videos. With the creative possibilities Snapchat offers, using Snapchat is first of all a very fun thing to do! You can save your perfect photos for other social media like Facebook and Instagram, but on Snapchat you can easily send your not-so-perfect photos, as you can choose who receives these photos and most importantly, they are temporarily available. You probably already heard about this phenomenon; Snaps send through Snapchat disappear after an amount of time. This is one of the key elements of Snapchat, which makes it very interesting and easy to use! You can just share whatever you like with the persons you like most, instead of showing the whole wide world your photos.

Discover Snapchat

As already mentioned, with this guide we will try to help you through the question of how to use Snapchat. There are a lot of functionalities and so, topics to discover. We hope the overview below and the navigation options above will help you get through our guide.

At the end of each topic you will find buttons which will guide you through to the next topics, so you will continue your journey in a certain order. Click on one of the links below to start your Snapchat journey, if you haven’t already started it.