1.8 What is my Snapscore?

Are you also hearing everyone talking about their Snapscore and you don’t know what it is or how to improve it? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, there are a lot of Snapchat users who don’t exactly know what it is. Also, the Snapscore seems to be one of the view measurable numbers within the app. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you can count the amount of friends or followers, Snapchat doesn’t offer such possibilities (yet). On Snapchat the Snapscore is one of the few measurable and comparable numbers, so a high Snapscore could mean that you have some kind of authority on the network because it indicates an experienced level. Keep reading to find out more about the Snapscore.

Where can I find my Snapscore?

Are you also one of the Snapchat users who doesn’t know where to find the Snapscore? This paragraph will help you find it, definitely.

STEP 1: First of all, you have, of course, to open the Snapchat app. After opening the Snapchat app, you can see the camera functionality of the app.

STEP 2: Also, you see three buttons at the top of the screen. The middle one looks like the Snapchat logo and is a Ghost. You can tap on this Ghost, or just swipe down directly in the camera screen.

STEP 3: After that, you can see your Snapcode, visible name, username and last but not least, your Snapscore. Your Snapscore is visible next to your username.

How can I see other users’ Snapscore?

In case you want to find out what other Snapchat users’ Snapscore is, you can find this out very easily. At any place in the app where you can find someone’s username, you can also try to see the specific user his/her Snapscore.

METHOD: Just hold your finger on the user for some time, and their Snapcode, visible username, username and Snapscore appear. As said, there are multiple places where you can find other users’ Snapscore, as there are multiple places where you can find usernames. You can only see Snapscores of people within your friend list.

NO SNAPSCORE? But what if no Snapscore appears? Read the next paragraph to find out.

Why can’t I see someone else’s Snapscore?

What if no Snapscore appears when using the method of the previous paragraph? This could the case very easily if you are checking out other users. As Snapchat has a two-way method of adding friends, you can be friends with someone so you can see their Snapchat Stories. That someone won’t necessarily add you as a friend. For example, celebrities, companies or influencers won’t add all the people who are adding them, as those numbers are outrageous.

This brings us to the scenario where you can’t see someone’s Snapscore. After you have used the method to find other users’ Snapscore and it didn’t work, this is why. You can only see someone’s Snapscore when you have a two-way friend connection. Once this friendship is only partial, (only one-way), you won’t be able to see someone’s Snapscore. That’s exactly why you can’t see the Snapscore of celebrities, as they probably didn’t add you as a Snapchat friend.

Where is the Snapscore based on?

People are intrigued by numbers, follower counts, amount of likes, and so on. The social media landscape has given us endless possibilities, but also got us more number-aware, which sometimes even leads to stress, anxiety or depression (for example because of a decrease in amount of likes). We truly hope you aren’t feeling depressed now you can see other users’ Snapscores, as they might have blown your mind. Now you might want to know where the Snapscore number is based on.

ANSWER: As Snapchat explains on its website, your Snapscore is a special calculation based on the amount of Snaps you have sent and received, how much Stories you have added and some other factors. This is still a bit mysterious and that’s why we are trying to explain it more precisely.

As we explained above, the Snapscore is among others based on the amount of Snaps sent and received. Every time you are sending a Snap (photo or video), your Snapscore will increase with one point. Every time you are opening a Snap which someone send to you, your Snapscore will also increase with one point. This one point reward system could differ from time to time, as we are not fully sure of what are the other influential factors Snapchat talks about.

Your Snapscore isn’t based on the amount of times you are opening a Story and sending or opening a text. Also, it doesn’t depend on to how many friends you are sending a single Snap. Still, this single Snap will increase your Snapscore by one point.

How to increase your Snapscore?

After you have found out how the Snapscore works, you might probably want to know how you can increase it. As already explained, the Snapscore could give you some kind of authority on the network, as it is one of the few measurable and comparable numbers.

The following tips regarding the potential increase of your Snapscore are all based on sending and receiving Snaps.

TIP 1: First of all, please continue doing what you were doing on Snapchat. Just keep on sending and receiving Snaps so your Snapscore increases. Look after interaction with your friends in order to receive a Snap after you have sent them one.

TIP 2: Second, you could choose to send different Snaps to different people. As noted, your Snapscore doesn’t increase if you send a single Snap to multiple users, so why aren’t you going to send various Snaps to various users?

TIP 3: Third, we understand you don’t want to spam your friends with all the Snaps you are sending in order to increase your Snapscore. That’s why the third method is about send Snaps to other users. For example, you could start sending your Snaps to celebrities, or other people who might receive tons of Snaps during the day. Probably the users won’t even open your Snap, but your Snapscore still increases by one.