1.7 What is my Snapcode?

Probably you could remember a time where you weren’t on Snapchat yet, but the yellow invasion of the Snapchat Snapcode became bigger and bigger on other social media. People started to share that kind of yellow QR-code with their friends, in order to.., ehm, what does this yellow QR-code thing do?

What is a Snapcode?

As this guide is here to help you understand more about Snapchat, we will of course tell you what this ‘yellow QR-code thing’ could do. Let’s explain it right away: it is a code other Snapchat users could scan in order to add you as a Snapchat friend. So, it actually is a kind of QR-code, as the QR-codes were meant to be scanned by people in order to let them easily visit a website, for example. Every single Snapchat users has an individual Snapcode and of course he or she could share this Snapcode via other communication channels in order to get new friends on Snapchat. People are also creating phone cases and T-shirts with their Snapcode on, just so other users can easily find them on Snapchat. The reason why people are trying to get their Snapcode around, is because they want to reach and meet more and more people on Snapchat. Sharing your Snapcode could be very interesting when you have particular things to share, for example around an event. In the following paragraphs we will to explain how the Snapcode works and how you can make the most of it.

How to share your Snapcode

METHOD 1: First of all, we would like to tell you how you can share your Snapcode. The first method, is to just take a screenshot of your ‘personal menu’, and share this screenshot with others.
METHOD 2: The most official way to share you Snapcode is just tapping a button within Snapchat. When you have opened the Snapchat app, you can scroll down in order to get to your ‘personal menu’. There you may notice the share button in the left top corner. When you tap this button, you can choose how you want to share your Snapcode with others.

When you have chosen one of the possible share methods, the receiver gets (most of the time) a message like the one below. If you press the link, Snapchat will automatically go to the specific user within Snapchat, if you have installed the Snapchat app. Next to sharing your Snapcode through personal communication methods, you can also post it on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed. This is one of the quickest way to reach a lot of potential new Snapchat friends.

How to add users by their Snapcode

METHOD 1: Adding users on Snapchat when you have their Snapcode is very easy. The first method is just go to the Snapchat app and scan the Snapcode with the camera functionality by holding your finger on the Snapcode. In this way, the Snapcode will be scanned by Snapchat, and you can add the user.

METHOD 2: For another way to add new people on Snapchat, swipe down to the menu where you can find your own Snapcode and tap ‘Add Friends’ below it. There you can select multiple ways to add new friends on Snapchat. Also there, you can add friends with the Snapcode. Tap ‘Add by Snapcode’ and you can select the screenshots or photos you took earlier of someone else’s Snapcode. Snapchat will scan the picture and when it finds a Snapcode, you can add the user.

You are now ready to get snapping with friends. Read how to send snaps!