1.10 Snapchat Trophies

What are Snapchat Trophies?

Snapchat would like to give you some kind of reward for your (heavy) usage of the app. In the form of Snapchat Trophies, the company gives you an Emoji for each achievement you reach on Snapchat. The funny thing is, you don’t know how to unlock them as they are locked. Locked, until you reach the achievement you didn’t know you were aiming for while Snapping with friends. On the this page we are trying to explain each Trophy you can get. Of course, we can’t guarantee we got them all, as Snapchat keeps adding features and so possibly also Trophies.

Unlock Snapchat Trophies

The fun part of this Trophy-thing is, that you really have to explore the app and use all the features in order to unlock Trophies. The more you explore Snapchat, the more opportunities you will have to earn the Trophies.

If you don’t like being surprised by those random trophies, we can help you by explaining each Trophy we know. If you like being surprised by those random Trophies, we advise you to also continue reading, just to give you some insights about what kind of methods you have to use in order to get them.

Where can I find the Snapchat Trophies?

It could be the case that you have no idea what we’re talking about. Snapchat Trophies? Yes, Snapchat Trophies. The previous paragraph already gave some explanation, but we will further explore it by showing you where you can find the Trophies.

ANSWER: First of all, you have to open the Snapchat app. When you’re in the camera functionality, just tap the Ghost button or scroll down in order to find your personal overview. When you tap the Trophy icon above your Snapcode, you can see which Snapchat Trophies you already have unlocked. A lot of them might still be locked.

With this guide we will try to help you unlock almost every one of them. We can’t guarantee that every Trophy will be shown below, as Snapchat continues to update their app. Unfortunately we weren’t able to add all the icon images, so we have chosen to just name them. Then there’s still something to explore for you.

Main Trophies:

phone_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Telephone:  Verify your phone number

email_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Email:  Verify your email address

fax_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Fax machine:  Scan 5 Snapcodes

chain_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Chain:  Connect Bitmoji


Snapscore Trophies

baby Baby:  Your Snapscore hits 100

star_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Gold star:  Your Snapscore hits 500

sparkles_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Sparkles:  Your Snapscore hits 1,000

falling_star_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Shooting star:  Your Snapscore hits 10,000

fireworks_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Fireworks:  Your Snapscore hits 50,000

rocket_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Rocket ship:  Your Snapscore hits 100,000

ghost_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Ghost:  Your Snapscore hits 500,000


Main Snap Trophies

finger_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award One finger pointed up:  Send a Snap with one Filter

peace_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Two fingers pointed up:  Send a Snap with two Filters

snow_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Snowflake:  Send a Snap with temperature Filter below freezing

sun_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Sun:  Send a Snap with temperature Filter above 100° F

egg_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Egg in pan:  Send Snap between 04:00 AM and 05:00 AM

magnify_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Magnifying glass:  Send 10 Snaps, zoomed in all the way

flashlight_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Flashlight:  Send 10 Snaps with the flash on

moon_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Half moon:  Send 50 Snaps in Night mode

panda_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Panda:  Send 50 Snaps with the black & white Filter

abcd_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award ABCD:  Send 100 Snaps with enlarged text

mask_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Mask Face:  Send 1000 Snaps using the front-camera


Video Snap Trophies

videotape_star_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Video tape:  Send a video Snap

old_camera_star_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Old video camera:  Send 50 video Snaps

video_camera_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Video camera:  Send 500 video Snaps

monkey_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Monkey:  Send a Snap without sound

microscope_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Microscope:  Send 10 video Snaps, zoomed in

rewind_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Rewind:  Send video Snap where you switching from camera

loop_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Loop:  Switch the camera 5 times in one video Snap

flip_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Flip:  Switch the camera 10 times in one video Snap


Send & Screenshot Trophies

lollipop_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Lollipop:  Send Snap using five (or more) pen colors

rainbow_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Rainbow:  Send 10 Snaps with five (or more) pen colors

pallet_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Artist Palette:  Send 50 Snaps with five (or more) pen colors

radio_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Radio:  Submit a Snap to a Live Story

clapper_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Clapper board:  Submit 10 Snaps to a Live Story

world_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award World: Your Snap was featured on a Live Story

happy_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Happy devil:  Take a screenshot of one Snap

sad_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Sad devil:  Take a screenshot 10 Snaps

redmask_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Red mask:  Take a screenshot 50 Snaps


Memories Trophies

save_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Floppy disk: Save 10 Snaps to Memories

silvercd_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Silver CD: Save 100 Snaps to Memories

goldcd_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Gold CD: Save 1,000 Snaps to Memories

white_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award White circle: Send a Story from Memories

blue_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Blue circle: Create a Story in Memories

minidisc_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Mini disc: Save a Story to Memories

eyes_only_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Eyes: Set up ‘My Eyes Only’ in Memories

detective_snapchat_trophies_unlock_award Detective: Search for a Snap in Memories


I’ve unlocked all Snapchat Trophies, what’s up next?

REALLY? If you really have unlocked all Snapchat Trophies and your desire is not yet satisfied, we would like to do a prediction what we think might happen. With new features coming to the Snapchat app, the odds of brand new Trophies will rise. Most of the current Trophies are based on the features which are involved in the Snapchat app, so fingers crossed Snapchat will continue expending their app in order to get us more Trophies to unlock!

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