1.6 Snapchat’s profile picture: Ghost

On most of the social media you are used to, you got the possibility to set a Snapchat profile picture in order to present yourself. With a profile picture people could recognize your profile as your profile and therefore should be adding you as a friend, if they know you. Snapchat is a different social media platform than for example Facebook or Instagram, so the way you could present yourself also differs from those two examples. As mentioned, on Facebook you select a profile picture, but on Snapchat there is another possibility to present yourself.

You remember Snapchat Ghost? The Snapchat logo? And what about the Snapcode? If you continue reading we will tell you more about those things, which you might want to know more about.

Snapchat Profile Picture, or Ghost

STEP 1: When you have already tried Snapchat for some time, you might know that each single user has his/her own Snapcode. We will tell you more on the Snapcode here, but first of all we would like to tell you more about the Ghost which is in the Snapcode. When you open the Snapchat app and scroll down, you can find your own Snapcode, with a white Ghost in it. You could choose to alter this Ghost, very easily. This Ghost is in some terms your Snapchat profile picture! You can set this Ghost yourself and other Snapchat users can see it when they start looking for your name or click on your ‘profile’. When looking for your username or name, the Ghost might be the best way to tell it’s really you. We therefore really think you should add your Ghost, which could be changed very easily. So if the current Ghost is not-so-perfect, you can easily get rid of it or add a new one. Below we will explain how you can set your Ghost pictures.

How to set your Ghost

STEP 2: In this paragraph we will try to explain how you can set your own Ghost.  First of all, you have to open the Snapchat app. Once you opened the Snapchat app, you’re almost in the place you want to be. When you’re in the camera menu please scroll down so your Snapcode and other personal settings and menus appear.
STEP 3: There you can see your Snapchat with a white Ghost in it. If you tap on it, you may notice that your front camera turns on and your face becomes visible in the Ghost.
STEP 4: When you tap on the circle below the Ghost, ‘Ready, Set, Go’ appears and Snapchat starts to take five photos in very quick succession. These photos will be combined to a fast-moving kind of image which includes all of the photos Snapchat took.
DONE! After that, this is your Snapchat ‘profile picture’ and other users can also see this.

How can I delete my Ghost and set a new one?

TRY AGAIN: Once you have set your Snapchat ‘profile picture’ and you don’t like it, you could of course delete it. This is very easily. Go to your Snapcode, click on it and you can view your ‘Ghost picture’ there. If you don’t like it or just want to get rid of it, you can easily tap the undo button. Yes, you really want to delete it, so you tap the delete button next. After that you can of course set a new one, or just leave it blank.
You can also set a new Snapchat profile picture by tapping the round button again, so Snapchat starts taking photos for your Ghost, again.