1. Getting Started

Hi there! This page gives a small introduction of what kind of information you can find in the ‘Getting Started’ chapter.

TOPIC 1.1: We will start this chapter with a page about Snapchat. On the page, we will explain more about what Snapchat is, come up with some characteristics, Snapchat’s timeline, name, and more.

TOPIC 1.2: On this page we will give you some information about Snapchat information, stats and facts.

TOPIC 1.3: How to install Snapchat is the main topic regarding this page. We have selected four steps you should follow in order to install Snapchat to your Apple or Android device.

TOPIC 1.4: This page is about creating a Snapchat account. We will explain in several steps how you can create a Snapchat account, so you can start Snapping instantly.

TOPIC 1.5: The fifth page of this chapter focuses on how you can use Snapchat. It gives a short introduction of the Snapchat world and wants you to get Snapping!

TOPIC 1.6: The Snapchat Ghost is the main topic on this page. First of all, we explain what the Ghost is about and after that, we explain how you can set up your Ghost.

TOPIC 1.7: On this page we are explaining what a Snapcode is, how to share it, and how to add other Snapchat users by their Snapcode.

TOPIC 1.8: The eight page of this chapter is about the Snapscore, where you can find it, how you can see someone else’s Snapscore and we provide some more information about the Snapcode.

TOPIC 1.9: This page is about the Snapchat icons of the Snapchat app. This page only is about some of the most basic icons of Snapchat app.

TOPIC 1.10: Last but not least, we will explain something about Snapchat Trophies and how you can unlock them all.

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