2.2 Take photos on Snapchat

With the camera functionality on (almost) every smartphone out there, people are used to taking photos every time they see something special, random or even boring. With the introduction of Snapchat people got the possibility to share shameless, temporary photos with their friends.

As we have been writing in the topic ‘what is Snapchat‘, Snapchat offers endless possibilities when it comes to photo and video sharing. So, to take photos on Snapchat is one of the key elements. You’re actually taking snapshots of your world, and sharing it on Snapchat.

With this chapter we are going to explain you how to take photos on Snapchat, if you don’t yet know how it works. Follow the steps to explore!

How to take photos on Snapchat?

STEP 1: First thing you have to do, is open the Snapchat app. After you have opened it, you are directly in the place where you want to be.

Like you’re used to from other camera app features, you now can see what is in front of you on your screen.

If your Snapchat app opens with a camera view from the front camera, smile!

STEP 2: The quite big button seems to be the first button you would try out, and yes, it is the button to take a picture.

Congratulations, you have just taken a photo within Snapchat!

For editing your photo jump to ‘pimp your snap’ in order to get that typical Snapchat-filters and stuff…

There’s more to explain about the camera functionality of Snapchat, see below…

OTHER BUTTONS: we would like to introduce you to the buttons which are directly useful for the camera functionality. At the top of the screen you will find three buttons.

The one on the left indicates whether your flash is on, or not.

The button on the top right speaks for itself and gives you the possibility to change the camera view from main camera to front camera or just the other way around.

You can also switch cameras by tapping twice somewhere on the screen (fast tapping).

TIPS: There are some nice features you might want to know.

First of all, you can focus on certain point in your selected frame by tapping on the screen (only works with the main camera).

Second, you can use your volume buttons in order to take a photo on Snapchat.