2.3 Record videos on Snapchat

As you could have already read at the explanation on How to take photos on Snapchat, the worldwide rise of smartphone use has changed the industry. Everyone can create visual content and is sharing it online. In this chapter we are going to explain how you can record videos on Snapchat.

STEP 1: First thing you have to do, is open the Snapchat app. After you have opened it, you are directly in the place where you want to be. Like you’re used to from other camera app features, you now can see what is in front of you on your screen.

If your Snapchat app opens with a camera view from the front camera, smile!

The quite big button seems to be the first button you would try out, and yes, it surprisingly works. Tapping it results in taking a photo, as you might already know.

On most smartphone there are possibilities to switch between photo- and video mode, but on Snapchat this is hidden somewhere.

OTHER BUTTONS: Before we are going to explain how to record videos, we would like to start with the other buttons you can find on the camera screen. As you can see, there are three buttons at the top of the screen.

The left button indicates whether the flash of your smartphone is on, or not.

The top right utton speaks for itself and gives you the possibility to change the camera view from main camera to front camera or just the other way around.

TIP: You can also switch cameras by tapping twice somewhere on the screen (fast tapping).

STEP 2: Now, the final question remains: how can I record videos on Snapchat? You can take videos by holding your finger on the large button.

You can hold it up to 10 seconds, as Snapchat has limited the duration of single Snaps to 10 seconds. You’ll record as long as you’re holding the button, so if you release your finger from the screen/button the recording stops.

STEP 3: After you have recorded the video, the video appears so you can approve it (or not) and add various things to the video. There are a lot of nice and fun possibilities to pimp our snap.