2.5 How to send Snaps

How to send snaps? One of the most important functionalities of the Snapchat app is the send button. This button is very easy to find, but if you didn’t find it yet, this topic explains it.

Next to explaining how to send Snaps on Snapchat, this topic will give you some more information on it.

First of all, you need a Snap

STEP 1: The first thing you have to do, is open the Snapchat app. After you have opened it, you are directly in the place where you want to be. Like you’re used to from other camera app features, you now can see what is in front of you on your screen.

If your Snapchat app opens with a camera view from the front camera, smile!

As you might already know or have read in our topics on taking photos and videos on Snapchat, the quite big button is the logical choice to take a photo or record a video.

The act of sending

STEP 2: After you have taken the photo or recorded the video, you enter the ‘review menu’ where you have various possibilities to add layers to your Snap or for example save it.In this ‘menu’ you can find a large blue button with an arrow. If you tap this button after you are done being creative, you can select who you want your Snap to receive.

STEP 3: You can choose to send it to your Story and/or Memories. Also, you can send it to individual Snapchat users by tapping the box or star next to their name. If you can’t find someone in your friend list, you can also look them up by using the search option.

STEP 4: If you have selected the users who you would like to receive your Snap, the users appear in the blue line below so you can check them one more time. Finally, tap the arrow right below to send the Snap to the selected ones.

How to respond to received Snaps

STEP 5: After you have been sending some Snaps to individual Snapchat users, this appears in the Chat function. You can find the Chat function if you swipe to the right when you’re in the camera section. There you can see what the status of your Snap is. You can find the icon meanings by clicking here.

STEP 6: It could be the case that you have received a Snap from someone and you might want to send them a Snap back. In order to send them a Snap back, you can very easily tap twice on the user his/her area in the Chat menu and the camera functionality appears. After you have created a Snap, you can directly hit send with the button right below. Also, you can tap on the line below to add more users to receive this specific Snap.