2.1 How to create a Snap?

When you are just using Snapchat, you want to know how to take a snap. Like you are used to with the camera app on your smartphone, you can also use Snapchat to take photos. But there’s a lot more to explore than just taking photos.

So, how to create a snap? Before a single photo or video becomes a Snap, it has to be shared with additions from the Snapchat app to someone on Snapchat.

Get started:

Snapchat offers various possibilities to share your photos and videos with other users, which we will explain in some of the following steps. As noted, there’s so much to explore about using Snapchat! For example, you can draw over your Snaps, add emoji’s, add text, add fancy lenses, and so on.

We will try to highlight the features you might find necessary or interesting and will explain them to you. Choose where you want to start, and enjoy the journey!



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