2. Get Snapping

Hi there! This page gives a small introduction of what kind of information you can find in the ‘Get Snapping’ chapter.

TOPIC 2.1: The first page of this chapter focuses on how to create a Snap.

TOPIC 2.2: The second page of this chapter focuses on how to take photos on Snapchat.

TOPIC 2.3: Following the page about how to take photos, we will explain how to record videos on Snapchat.

TOPIC 2.4: After you have found out how to take or record a Snap, we will explain something about how to pimp your Snap.

TOPIC 2.5: How to send Snaps, is a very important part of Snapchat. This will be explained on the fifth page of this chapter.

TOPIC 2.6: Next to sending Snaps, you have the possibility to save your Snaps. We will explain more about that on the last page of this chapter.

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