3.5 How to add World Lenses

ABOUT: Snapchat launched one of their newest features in November 2016: World Lenses. As you could have read on the previous page, Snapchat already offered the so called Lenses. With Snapchat Lenses, users are able to add real-time special effects and sounds to their Snaps. Especially in terms of making selfies, as the Lenses could be added to faces. Snapchat Lenses added a new way of taking selfies.

World Lenses are in some way similar to the already existing Lenses, but World Lenses could be used in whatever setting: you don’t need a face to add the effects. With World Lenses Snapchat is adding layers and effects to your surroundings, in a kind of Augmented Reality (AR) way. Basically you can add a filter to the world around you.

How to add World Lenses

STEP 1: First of all, you should of course open the Snapchat app. After you have opened it, you are directly in the place where you want to be: the camera functionality.

There you can choose which camera you would like to use. The World Lenses work for both cameras, but there are some differences between the selfie and main camera. When you choose to use the selfie camera, the available World Lenses will appear next to the regular Lenses (step 3).

STEP 2: After that, hold your finger on the screen or just tap on it once. There they are! The World Lenses appear, starting with the first one.

The amount of available World Lenses could differ from time to time, as we expect Snapchat to change them for special events or time periods.

STEP 3: As you can see, you have selected the first World Lens in the line. Right next to the capture-button some other circles appeared, which can be categorized as the World Lenses. You can swipe through the available Lenses within the circles’ line.

While you’re swiping through them, various visual effects appear to your surroundings. World Lenses could come with an action prompt which could have effect on the World Lenses.

ALMOST DONE! When you have selected the Lens of your choice you can of course take a photo or video of it. The effects of the specific World Lens won’t disappear, so you can also record them. Don’t forget to share your Snap afterwards! 😉