3.1 How to add Snapchat Filters

ABOUT: In order to explain how to add Snapchat Filters, you must first know how to take a Snap. If you know how to take a Snap, you can continue reading, but if you don’t know how to take a Snap, you can find more information on it here.

Snapchat Filters are a kind of overlay which you can add to the Snap you’ve just shot. There are a couple of standard filters which you have around almost all the time, like time, temperature, speed, and more. Keep reading to find out the possibilities.

How to add a Filter to a Snap?

STEP 1: The first step in discovering how to add a Filter to Snap is that you would have to take a Snap to discover this feature.

STEP 2: After you have taken a photo or recorded a video, you can easily swipe left or right and the Filters appear. When you swipe to the left, some really basic Filters appear. They are a couple of layers which you can lay over your Snap in order to let your Snap get a specific look. Do you want your photo with a black and white Filter? No problem, just scroll through the Filters available.

DISCOVER 1: When you continue swiping to the left, you will find some digits on your screen. The first one you come across is the speedometer. This specific Filter shows you what your current speed is. Snapchat bases this on your location, so make sure your location is turned on and that you have allowed Snapchat to use your location. The speedometer Filter shows you current speed and if you tap on the digits, the Filter changes from mph/h to km/h and backwards.

DISCOVER 2: Once you have swiped to the left for another time, you can find another couple of digits. Those numbers indicate the current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Another swipe to the left lets you see the time. Just like the other explained Filters, the time is visible in the middle of the screen. If you tap on it, the time changes to the date (twice).

DISCOVER 3: After that, Snapchat also knows something about your battery life. When for example your battery is very low, Snapchat gives you a way to share this with the filter from the example. This is also the case when your battery is (almost) fully charged.

Filters for video Snaps only

For video Snaps, Snapchat offers some additional Filters. Next to the ones described already, Snapchat offers some Filters which are made for videos.

DISCOVER 4: First of all, when you swipe to the left for another time, you see a snail appearing and disappearing. This indicates that the video will be played in slow-motion. If you swipe to the left for another time, a rabbit or hare appears and disappears. This means that the video will be played faster than the original. The next Filter shows some disappearing arrows, which indicate that the video will be played in reverse. After that, you can find the Geofilters, which we will write about later on.

You can also reach all the described Filters by swiping to the right. One main difference between swiping to the right versus swiping to the left, is that you can find other Filters when you’re swiping to the right. These Filters are called Geofilters and you can read more about them here.

How to add multiple Filters to a Snap?

You don’t have to be ashamed if you didn’t know that you are able to add multiple Filters to one Snap. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in all possible combinations, but it is a nice way to give you Snap that little extra.

STEP 1: First of all, add one of the Filters just like we just taught you. After you have picked one (Geo)Filter of your preference, you can add another one, if you like. If you want to add another one, you have to hold your finger on the screen. While you’re holding your finger on the screen, you can use another finger (for example of your other hand) to swipe through the (Geo)Filters again! In this way you can add a second Filter to your Snap!