3.7 How to add Emoji

How to add Emoji: Snapchat offers a lot of Emoji to add to your Snaps! There is almost a countless amount of available Emoji and you are also able to add your personalized ‘Emoji’, where we will write about on one of the following pages.

Snapchat users are using the colorful Emoji to make their Snaps even more fancier. There are several categories with Emoji such as food, pets, random ones and of course you can find similar Emoji and icons which you are used to know from among others Facebook and WhatsApp. There really is an Emoji for almost every kind of Snap, so you won’t find yourself disappointed.

Below you can find some examples of how Emoji have been added to Snaps and how this works out. On this page you can find some explanation on how to add Emoji and how you can add your personalized Emoji to Snapchat.

How to add Emoji

STEP 1: First of all, make sure you have captured or recorded a Snap, as you can’t add an Emoji to your piece of art before it even exists.

STEP 2: After you have captured something, you access a screen where you can review your Snap one last time before sharing it. Next to reviewing it, you can add several layers, like Geofilters, Filters, text and more, which we also have been writing about.

STEP 3: After you have captured or recorded something, you are in the review area where you can add the several layers we have been writing about. You can find a couple of buttons on the right top of the screen, and the one on the left is the one you need!

STEP 4: After tapping on it, some Emoji appear and you can swipe to the left to discover all the available Emoji. As we have already mentioned on the previous page, there are a lot of Snapchat Emoji. You should be able to find a suitable Emoji for every Snap or occasion.

STEP 5: If you have found the perfect Emoji(s) for your current Snap, you can select it by tapping it.

STEP 6: After that, you can play around with the selected Emoji(s). You can enlarge them, turn them and most of all, place them anywhere you want!

Emoji on Video Snaps

VIDEO STEP 1: For your video Snaps, the Emoji offer more possibilities. Next to putting the Emoji over the Snap as an extra layer, you can pin the Emoji to a specific part of the video.

VIDEO STEP 2: If you hold your finger on the Emoji, you can drag it somewhere within the selected video frame.

VIDEO STEP 3: If you release your finger from the screen, the Emoji will stay on it’s place. Snapchat recognizes on what kind of area the Emoji has been placed.

VIDEO STEP 4: You can play around with this feature by using multiple Emoji, which will often look quite fun, especially in a dynamic video Snap.

How to delete Emoji

If you want to delete the placed Emoji(s), you can easily drag it to the place where it came from: the left button on the top right. This button will change in a bin, so it becomes logical where you put the unwanted Emoji(s).