4.3 How to use video calling

In this topic we’ll get you use video calling on Snapchat. Happy snapping!

STEP 1: On Snapchat, you can also use the video calling functionality, which you can find in the Chat conversation with a particular person. After you have found the user you would like to chat with, you can easily swipe to the right and go to the Chat conversation.


STEP 2: After that, you have to tap the camera icon in order to start ‘Ringing’. The Snapchat automatically chooses the front camera of your device for the video call. When the receiving user accepts your video call, you can video call with him/her. Is it that easy? Yes, it is!

STEP 3: You  can end the conversation by tapping the camera icon once again. You will still be able to see your video call partner, until he/she ends the video call.

STEP 4: If you want to change the camera during the video call, you can enlarge your own image by tapping on it, and use the familiar camera change button.

Ignore, accept, just watch

The receiving user has the possibility to ignore, answer, or ‘just watch’, when the call comes in.

IGNORE: When you tap the ignore button, you will ignore the video call and the receiver will get a notification that you’re not able to call right now.

JUST WATCH: When you tap the ‘just watch’ button, you can watch without the use of your own camera.

ANSWER: The button in the middle means that your camera also automatically starts streaming.

Chat during video call

TIP 1: During the video call, you can still chat. Just start typing, so you will get to the more familiar Chat conversation.

Here you can of course also share photos, Emoji and more, as we have already explained on the previous pages.

Video message

TIP 2: If the receiving user isn’t available for a video call, you can still send them a video message with the video calling functionality.

In order to send a video message, you have to hold your finger on the video calling button. As the example on the left shows, the recordings starts and you can see yourself. You can say something, show something, or choose whatever you would like to share with them.