4.1 Chat on snapchat

Probably you’re used to sending short text messages to your friends. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat (and so on) offer various possibilities to send such text messages. Chatting has become one of the main communication forms around the globe, as it is fast, easy, and you can send them without using your voice. On this page we will explain you how to Chat on Snapchat, so you can get the most out of this app.


How to chat

STEP 1: In order to start chatting, you should first open the Snapchat app. If you swipe to the right, the ‘Chat screen’ appears. Here you can find an overview of the people you had the most recent contact with via the Snapchat app.

STEP 2: After you have found the user you would like to chat with, you can easily swipe to the right in the specific area of the user.

STEP 3: There you are! Now you are in the Chat conversation with the specific user. In this area, there are some specific functionalities we would like to talk about. Of course you can type and send messages, just hit enter to send it.

STEP 4: Next to text, you can also send images, call, video call and/or send Emoji. If you already had some conversations or interactions through the Chat functionality of the app, it could be the case that there are some Snaps, voice messages or notifications still there. In this way, Snapchat ‘saves’ some parts of the Chat conversation.

Disappearing Chats

Just like the temporary Snaps, the chat messages also are mostly temporary. After you have opened them, they will be gone. Forever? Mostly, yes. In this way, Snapchat chat is very distinctive from the other chat apps you might be used to.

In most other apps, the conversation isn’t deleted until you have stood up to do so. You can read back almost endlessly, but Chat on Snapchat is another thing, as we’ve already mentioned. The example on the left shows that after re-opening a Chat conversation, the original message is gone.

How to save Chats

Do you want to save your Snapchat Chat conversations? There is a way!

METHOD 1: You can easily hold your finger on the Chat message(s) you want to save, and it will be saved. In the same way, you can choose to ‘unsave’ the Chat message(s).

After you have saved some Chat messages, they will stay in the Chat conversation until someone ‘unsaves’ the particular Chat messages. The example on the left shows how what this looks like. You can see a difference between a your saved message (thick line) and the partner’s saved message (thin line). You can both save the same message.

METHOD 2: Of course you can still use the screenshot functionality of your smartphone to ‘save’ Snapchat Chat conversations, but then the receiver will get a notification that you took a screenshot.


You will get Chat notifications from Snapchat in two ways.

NOTIFICATION 1: First of all, you will get a notification on the top of your screen when the other user is typing a message. This notification also appears on the ‘notifications feed’ of your phone, if you aren’t in the Snapchat app. The image on the left shows how the ‘typing notification’ looks.


NOTIFICATION 2: Second, you will of course get a notification when you received a Chat. You can instantly tap on this notification in order to open the Chat conversation. The image on the left shows how such a notification looks like, within the Snapchat app.

Keep reading if you want to find out how you can chat content, use video calling and call.