4.2 How to chat content

Next to sending text messages, you can choose to send content through the Chat conversation of Snapchat. First of all, you can send Emoji and Bitmoji, where you got a lot of choice in choosing the one you like!

Also, you can choose to send photos directly from your device. In the paragraphs below we will explain how to chat such content.

Emoji & Bitmoji

STEP 1: As the example on the left shows, it is very easy to add Emoji and Bitmoji to a Chat conversation. You can just go to a Chat conversation and once there, tap the Emoji icon on the right, next to the camera icon.

STEP 2: There you can scroll through personalized Bitmoji and a lot of Emoji. Just tap on the Emoji you would like to add, and it happens.

Photos and videos

If you would like to send photos and videos from your device in the Chat conversation, that’s also possible!

STEP 1: You have to go to the Chat conversation and once there, tap the picture icon on the left.

STEP 2: After that, the most recent photos/videos from your device appear, which you can select.

STEP 3: After you selected the one you would like to send, you can add the creative Snapchat layers, or just choose to send it directly.

ANOTHER METHOD: You can also share your photos or videos directly from your image gallery of your smartphone. After you found the photo or video, you can share it with the functionalities of your device. There you can choose between options like email, Facebook, and even Snapchat. After selecting Snapchat, you can choose the receivers.