4.4 How to call with Snapchat

Call with Snapchat? We’ll help you call your friens all over the world with this great feature!

STEP 1: On Snapchat, you can also use the calling functionality, which you can find in the Chat conversation with a particular person. After you have found the user you would like to chat with, you can easily swipe to the right and go to the Chat conversation.


STEP 2: After that, you have to tap the telephone icon in order to start ‘Ringing’. If the receiver accepts your call, you can have a voice conversation with him/her. Is it that easy? Yes, it is!

STEP 3: You can end the conversation by tapping the telephone icon once again. If you hang up, you can still hear the other user until they also end the call.

NOTE: When the distance between your phone and your head increases, Snapchat automatically turns on the speaker. When you hold the phone closer to your head, you can hear your voice conversation partner through the phone’s ‘ear speaker’.

Ignore, accept, just listen

Just like we already mentioned on the previous page regarding video calling, Snapchat offers possibilities to ignore, accept, or ‘just watch’ a video call. With a regular call, this is also the case.The receiving user has the possibility to ignore, answer, or ‘just listen’, when the call comes in.

IGNORE: When you tap the ignore button, you will ignore the call and the receiver will get a notification that you’re not able to call right now.

JUST LISTEN: When you tap the ‘just list’ button, you can just listen to what your conversation partner has to tell you.

ANSWER: With this acceptation of the conversation, you will be able to speak directly to each other. Just like you’re used to from your regular phone conversations.

Chat during the call

TIP 1: During the call, you can still chat. Just start typing, so you will get to the more familiar Chat conversation.

Here you can share photos, Emoji and more, as we have already explained on the previous pages. This sharing of content is possible, without having to end the voice conversation.

Voice message

TIP 2: If the receiving user isn’t available for a call, you can still send them a voice memo/message with the calling functionality.

In order to send such a voice message, you have to hold your finger on the calling button (telephone icon). As the example on the left shows, the recordings starts and you can see the sound levels appear. You can tell the receiver what’s on your mind, or what you was planning to tell him/her.