5.2 How to use Stories

After you have just read more about Snapchat Stories, you might also want to know how you can use Stories and read more about the several functionalities this Snapchat feature offers. In the Getting Creative chapter you can find more information and examples how you can create a Snap and add it to your Story.

How to watch Stories

STEP 1: In order to find out how to watch Stories, make sure you have the Snapchat app opened. And most importantly, you must have added some friends who are regularly posting Snaps to their Story in order to find any Stories. In our examples we have added some celebrities as friends, so we have some Stories available.

STEP 2: When you swipe to the left when you’re in the camera menu, you will reach the Stories menu. In this part of the Snapchat app you will find Stories, Live Stores and the Discover feature. You can also read more on those last two features in our guide.

But let’s first stick with the Stories feature.

STEP 3: If you want to watch your Friends’ Stories, you can just tap on one of them in order to load or start it. You can tap on the Friends’ Story you would like to see, or just look them up by using the search functionality.

STEP 4: After you have started watching a Story, you may notice the ‘clockin the top right corner. This item indicates two things. First of all, you can see the time slipping away during the Story, as the Story exists of Snaps which only last a maximum of ten seconds. The inner ‘clock’ indicates where you are in the current Story. For example when a Story exists of four Snaps, this ‘inner clock’ will decrease by an extra quarter after each Snap.

STEP 5: You can easily swipe and tap through the several Stories. By tapping on your screen you can skip the current Snap, so you don’t have to watch it till the time ceases.

If you don’t want to watch a full Story of a particular user, you can swipe to the left in order to skip it and continue to the next user.

If you want to get out of the Story you’re watching, you can easily swipe down and you’ll see the Story disappear.

October ’16 Update: Story Playlist

Snapchat updated the Stories feature in October 2016. With this update, Snapchat got rid of the Auto Advance functionality within the Stories feature. As described in the fifth step of this page, Stories played automatically after one another and you were able to swipe through them. Now that isn’t the standard way to watch Stories.

With the update Snapchat gives its users more freedom in watching the several Stories, where they could selectively choose which ones to watch. Snapchat puts “friends first” and also moved the Discover news to a section below the Stories.

UPDATE: With this update, Snapchat isn’t playing all the Stories after one another. You have to tap on each individual user in order to watch their Story. After you have watched the full Story, Snapchat will bring you back to the Stories overview, so you can select another one.

STORY PLAYLIST: But there’s more: Snapchat added the Story Playlist functionality. As you can see on the left, you can tap the three circles on the bottom right, so the functionality appears. There you can select which Stories you would like to watch, so you can also erase Stories from your Playlist. When you press the play-button, your Playlist starts playing until it runs out of content. While playing, the described options of STEP 5 still work.

Interact with Stories

METHOD 1: There are some ways to interact with other users’ Stories. First of all, you could of course watch the Stories. The Story owner can see who watched their Story, so your name will also be there if you have been watching a (partial) Story.

METHOD 2: A second way to ‘interact’ with other users’ Stories is to take a screenshot of particular parts of their Story. The users will notice that someone has been taking a screenshot of his/her Snap/Story. Also here your name will appear. The last way to interact with a Story is to use the chat functionality during Stories. You can easily chat and the receiving user will get it as a chat message with their partial Story attached to it.

Your own Story

Of course you can also add Snaps to your Story! We will explain more on this topic in our Getting Snapping chapter, which you can find through our site’s navigation tools. To make it easier for you, you can find the link here.

Who has watched my Story?

STEP 1: After you have added some Snaps to your Story, after some time you should be able to see who of your Friends have been watching your Story. In order to find out, you have to go to your Story and tap the options icon on the right, next to your Story.

STEP 2: There you can find an overview of how many views you got throughout your Story. When you select a single Snap, you can see some option buttons below, where you can see how many people have been watching that particular Snap in your Story.

TIP 1: It is also very easy to delete a particular Snap from your Story. Just open it and swipe up in order to see the buttons below.

TIP 2: Also, you can find there how many people took a screenshot of the particular Snap in your Story. Just like the method to find out who has viewed your Snap, you can swipe up in order to find out who took a screenshot of your Snap. In the same ‘menu’ you can also save the Snap to Memories. If you want to read more on how you can save your Snaps and Stories to Memories and your device, click here.

The next topic continues with information about the other features like Stories. We will start with Live Stories, and continue with Discover and Memories. Those features all offer ways to explore more, so continue reading at the next step and keep exploring more about Snapchat!