5.8 How to use Memories

What is to be found in Memories?

You can find everything, single Snaps, complete Stories and you can even upload photos and/or videos directly from your device. In this gallery filled with Memories, you can easily filter and go through the Snaps, because of the search functionality. Snapchat automatically filters locations, people and more.

One of the nicest things regarding this feature is that you can look for specific things or locations. Snapchat recognizes the most rare things from your Snaps, which you can easily look up with the search functionality. After you have selected a category, search option or location, you can easily swipe through the available Snaps by swiping to the left.

For your eyes only

Snapchat added a nice feature within Memories which is called ‘My Eyes Only’. This is a password-protected space where you can keep the Snaps that are for your eyes only. Snaps you wouldn’t want to be discovered when someone is looking through your Memories.

You can easily attach the ‘My Eyes Only’ functionality to your Snaps by tapping ‘edit and send’ after you have tapped on the specific Snap. In the left top corner you can find a drop-down menu with the option to move to My Eyes Only. You can also reach this option by selecting a Snap through holding it, so the options appear. Of course you can also delete the Snaps from the My Eyes Only folder, which means the Snap will be set back to the original folder within Memories.

If you haven’t already set up the My Eyes Only feature, you will have to set it up the first time you want to add a Snap to it.

You have to pick a password of four digits and have to understand that those four digits are the only entrance to the feature and Snapchat will not recover the Snaps after you have forgotten the password. You can easily see how it works in the image on the left.

How to resend Snaps?

When your Memories gallery contains some Snaps and/or Stories, you can choose to send those Snaps and Stories again. Yes you read that correctly, you can send your saved Snaps and Stories again, although they have already been sent.

STEP 1: You can choose which Snap or Story you would like to send, press edit and send and you can find yourself in a framed menu. Here you can save the chosen Snap(s) to your gallery, mark them as ‘My Eyes Only’ or create a new story with the current Snap. But most of all, you can share the Snap or Story again.

STEP 2: You can find the well-known send button, but you can also choose to delete, share via other media or edit it. You can also select a Snap by holding it, so the options appear.

STEP 3: If you choose to edit the Snap or Story, you can again choose to, add layers like Filters, Geofilters, Emoji, text, drawings. Just all the features you are used to while getting creative with your Snap.

STEP 4: When your are done editing, you can again choose to share the Snap via other media, but you can of course send them via Snapchat. You can add it again to your Story and/or send it to individual other users.

STEP 5: After the edit has been sent, you get back to the edited version of your Snap. Here you can save the changes or discard the changes in order to get back to the Memories feature.

Send photos and videos from your device

As already mentioned, you can also send content directly from your device.

STEP 1: Swipe to the left in the Memories menu in order to reach your photos. You must give Snapchat permission to get into your content and Snapchat gives you a notification that they won’t backup your photos and videos.

STEP 2: In the photo section, you can select whatever photo or video from your device. After tapping on the one you like, you can choose to edit and send it. Here you can add the features you are used to from Snapchat, as we have just described above.

STEP 3: After you have sent the photo or video, you can choose to save the edited version by replacing it, making a copy of it or discarding the changes.

The possibilities for photos and videos from your device are similar to the ones explained above.

How to save Snaps or Stories to Memories?

After we have just explained you how to edit and send Snaps which you have saved earlier, we understand you might want to know how to save your Snaps to Memories. On this page we will explain how to save Snaps and/or Stories to Memories and to your device. Click here to go to the page.