5.4 How to use Live Stories

How to watch Live Stories

STEP 1: It is very easy to watch Live Stories as they just appear in the Stories section of the Snapchat app. Swipe to the left after opening the app and you will find Stories, Live Stories and the Discover functionality.

STEP 2: If there’s a Live Story available, you can easily watch it by tapping on it. It will open just like the usual Stories. You can tap your way through the featured Live Story.

About Story Explorer

If you want to see more on a particular scene, you can swipe up and you’ll get more views on that particular scene. This is the Story Explorer functionality. The example on the left shows it.

With Story Explorer you can basically watch more content on the specific Live Story. Now you can watch that event or sports highlight from other users’ point of view, so you can get a better look at it yourself. You can swipe up in order to watch Snaps that come close to the Snap you just swiped up. At the moment, this is only available for specific Live Stories.

How can I contribute to Live Stories?

STEP 1: If you’re somewhere around a location where a Live Story is based on, you can contribute your Snaps to the Live Story. You will find out whether you’re around the right location if you can send you Snap to ‘Live Stories’.

STEP 2: The example on the left shows what it looks like when you can send your Snaps to Live Stories. Snapchat gives a notification before you have sent it, that your Snap may be viewed by anyone and Snapchat is the curator of the Story. If you’re lucky to be in the right place at the right time, make sure to be creative enough to get featured in the Live Stories!