5.7 About Snapchat Memories

What are Snapchat Memories?

Snapchat launched the Memories feature in the middle of 2016. With this feature Snapchat offers users the possibility to save their Snaps and upload other photos and videos. Snapchat Memories can be used very easily if you want to categorize and save your Snaps.

Before this feature was launched, users could only save Snaps by taking a screenshot or saving it instantly to your device. Memories is becoming more like a kind of personal collection or gallery of your Snaps, which you can easily manage. Snapchat back-ups your Memories, so if you logout and login, they won’t usually disappear. We will explain the features of Memories below more precisely.

Where can I find the Memories feature?

Finding the Memories feature is very easy. After you have opened the Snapchat app, you’re looking at the camera functionality. When you have noticed the camera button, you can also find a smaller circle below it. When you press this ‘button’, you instantly go to the Memories feature.

Also you can access the Memories feature by swiping up when you’re in the camera screen. You can exit the Memories feature by swiping up or tapping the circle below. The following paragraphs will try to explain you how you can use Memories.

Let’s start making Memories

If you have have updated your Snapchat app recently after a long time, the Memories feature might be completely new to you. Fortunately there’s the possibility to upload your earlier Snaps to Memories, a nice way how Snapchat offers users some guidance and auto-filling of the Memories’ gallery.

If you already have one of the latest versions of the Snapchat app, you also already have the Memories feature hidden beneath your camera feature. After you have opened the feature, you can find the Snaps which you have saved to Memories earlier. Also, you can still upload earlier saved Snaps.

On the next page we will explain more about the features Snapchat offers within Memories. Next to that, we will explain how you can get the most out of the Memories feature. Go to the next page to keep reading!