5.5 About Snapchat Discover

What is Snapchat Discover?

Snapchat Discover is one of the features you will find on the Snapchat app when you swipe left. Discover offers a full-screen way to discover channels of several publishers like CNN, Vice, BuzzFeed, DailyMail, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic and several others. Everyday, such publishers offer new content to read or watch, all in a way which really suits Snapchat. With very visual vertical content the publishers are trying to let you read the articles of their ‘Snapchat-based-magazine’.

They try to get you attracted by the specific article by using large visuals, music, moving objects or texts. After swiping up, the less-visual article opens and you can start to read it. Also, other kinds of content could be shared here by the publishers, such as videos or photos. Sometimes the publishers only use the full-screen representations, so there’s nothing to swipe up to. Do you want to know more about how the Discover feature works?

Where can I find the Discover feature?

The Discover feature of Snapchat can be found when you swipe left from the camera screen of the app. This means it is based on the right. Once you have swiped left one time, you are in the Stories section. There you can find the Stories of your friends, the Live Stories and last but not least, the Discover section.

On top of this Stories overview you can find several highlighted ‘Stories’ from publishers like Vice, CNN, MTV, Comedy Central and more. You can swipe through this small section, as you browse through the highlighted articles. Also, you can find some of the Live Stories there, as they are also highlighted by Snapchat.

Next to this small-screen version of Discover, you can find a more full-screen version of the feature once you swipe to the left for another time. Once you have done this, you got to the Discover section. This screen also offers highlighted articles of several publishers, along with some Live Stories.

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