5.3 About Snapchat Live Stories

What are Snapchat Live Stories?

The definition of Snapchat Live Stories lie close to the definition of Snapchat Stories. If you don’t know what Snapchat Stories are, you can read our previous page. Snapchat Live Stories are a compilation of photos and/or videos of other Snapchat users who are visiting certain events or locations.

The compilation of photos and/or videos are submitted mostly by Snapchat users. After submission, the Snapchat staff will determine whether the piece of user-generated-content is suitable enough for the Live Story.

Live Stories is one of the main ways of watching content on Snapchat. Just like television, the temporary Stories give the users a glimpse into someone’s life. People are intrigued by other people’s stories, and Snapchat gives individuals a platform to share their (Live) Stories.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to be viewed by millions of people, but you might become one because your presence in one of the latest temporary Snapchat Live Stories. Like real life, Live Stories can be funny, boring, challenging, thoughtful or even pointless.

How long will the Live Stories stay online?

Just like personal Snapchat Stories, the Snapchat Live Stories are available for 24 hours and will disappear afterwards. This could differ from event to event, as the Snapchat staff are the directors of the Live Stories.

How can I contribute to Live Stories?

If you’re somewhere around a location where a Live Story is based on, you can contribute your Snaps to the Live Story. This will be explained on the next page.

Examples of Live Stories

Below you can see a couple of examples of Snapchat’s Live Stories. From sports games to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, there are a couple of examples to be found. We collected some eye-catching Live Stories which you might find interesting to watch.

About Campus Stories

Next to the Live Stories which are available for everyone, Snapchat also is reportedly working on special Live Stories which are available in certain specific regions. According to Snapchat’s website, Campus Stories are special Live Stories for selected university campuses.

Only Snapchat users who are on or near a university campus can watch the Campus Story or add content to it. Snapchat gives users who were at the campus the possibility to watch the Story or add content to the Story for about 24 hours after their visit. Snapchat knows where you are through the location your smartphone indicates.

About Official Stories

Next to Live Stories and Campus Stories, Snapchat also is reportedly working on so called ‘Official Stories’ in order to help Snapchat users to discover interesting stories. Basically Snapchat is promoting specific users if their story is interesting.

When a Snapchat user has an Official Story, the name of the user will be shown under ‘Official Story’, when you are looking for other users. At the moment, Official Stories will be tested on a small group of Snapchat users. Snapchat indicates that after some time the Official Stories will be available to a broader group of Snapchat users.