5. Explore More

Hi there! This page gives a small introduction of what kind of information you can find in the ‘Explore More’ chapter.

TOPIC 5.1: This first page of this chapter gives an introduction on Snapchat Stories, with some main information.

TOPIC 5.2: On this page, we are explaining how to use and watch Stories.

TOPIC 5.3: The third page of this chapter focuses on Snapchat Live Stories with some explanation and general information on the topic.

TOPIC 5.4: How to use Live Stories is the main topic of this page.

TOPIC 5.5: On this page, we are explaining something about the Snapchat Discover feature.

TOPIC 5.6: Following the page about Snapchat Discover, this page explains how to use Discover.

TOPIC 5.7: This page focuses on the Snapchat Memories feature.

TOPIC 5.8: Last but not least, this page explains how to use Memories.

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