5.1 About Snapchat Stories

What are Snapchat Stories?

Let’s start from the beginning. ‘Stories’ is one of the most essential features of Snapchat. Stories can be defined as a compilation of photos and/or videos which stays available for 24 hours.

The photo(s) and/or video(s) are therefore forming a Story which is temporary. The separate parts of the Stories will be shown in chronological order, so the Stories actually have a beginning and an ending. Because the ‘story-line’ of the Stories, this feature suits the needs of users to share multiple pieces of content throughout the day, for example while visiting an event or city.

Stories are 24 hours visible

With Stories, users can show their friends exactly what is happening or has happened. You can share what you’re up to for a longer period of time, instead of sending individual users quick photos or videos. Snapchat Stories is more like a personal feed rather than a single message: it gives your friends an insight in your daily activities (if you share those activities).

Through Stories, users can tell a story about their entire day in a narrative manner. This gives friends a brief look at what interesting things a friend has done in the past 24 hours. The Snapchat Story can be replayed as many times as you want, within the 24-hour period. After the 24-hour period expires, the (partial) Story will automatically be deleted and therefore disappear from your Story.

Stories and privacy

Your Snapchat Story can be accessed directly by your Snapchat friends. You can adjust your privacy settings to determine which users can have a look at your Story. You can set your story available for anyone on Snapchat, just your friends or a customized group of users.

Where Snapchat has been known for its private photo sharing, the Story feature could be very handy for users who have large followings (celebrities, brands, influencers, etc.). Snapchat Stories offers them a more public way of sharing content, instead of sending individual snaps.

Summed up: Snapchat Stories

As described above, Snapchat Stories are a compilation of photos and/or videos which appears in chronological order as your Story. In order to create a story, you first should know how to take photos and/or videos and how to add them to your story. The next page will show you how to add photos and videos to your Story and will also show you the other key elements of the Stories feature. Keep reading!